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The Demo is now live: come try Starsand while you can!

A Starsand Demo is finally here.

This is a big milestone towards the publishing of the actual game, which will happen in Early Access sometime in the near future, probably around May (as an indie team without any publisher pushing for an undelayable deadline, we can monitor our progress and release accordingly).

This demo was built to provide a general idea of what the game will feel and look like when it comes out. This means we created an environment specifically for that purpose: we significantly reduced the size of the map, and we packed together some of the content we are working on so that everything is more accessible. The player has 2 days to explore around a bit, craft some items, and build a first, basic shelter. Think of this demo a bit like a playground for you to try the things we currently have, but the actual game won't start the same way.

We want Starsand to evolve according to both our potential and our players' feedback, that's why we are releasing it in Early Access, to have the chance to grow together with our community. Of course, a demo can fulfill the same purpose. By playing it, you'll get to see some very standard survival mechanics, but you'll also be immersed in a setting that hopefully feels unique, inside a story that nobody has ever told. By sharing your thoughts and impressions, you'll help us understand what we are doing right and what should be revised, giving us an incredibly useful hand.

You'll see just a small part of what we have in store this time, perhaps with a couple of bugs here and there, like you'll see frogs still running around after you shot an arrow through its brain, but that is going to change as we progress with the development (and maybe expand our team of currently 5 people).

We are convinced the world we are building has a lot of potential. If this demo does its job right - despite showcasing less than half of the content and having still many imperfections - by the end of your second day as a survivor you'll be convinced too.

It really feels like it's just the beginning as we still have so many things to work on, but this is a big step for us nonetheless, and the want to thank the people who more than anybody else lent their help asking for nothing in return: Aidas, Nessuno, Forlo, Kamran88, and Clemo. Grazie raga.

The desert awaits.

Pendrive & Jasz